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Why Navarre Beach Should Be Your Next Beach Getaway

Why Navarre Beach Should Be Your Next Beach Getaway

There are many beaches to visit on vacation, but none quite compare to Navarre Beach. In this guide, we’ll tell you exactly why Navarre Beach should be your next vacation spot, whether you’re planning a family vacation, a girl’s trip, or even a romantic getaway. We’ll cover the advantages of a Navarre Beach vacation, including:

  • Why Navarre Beach is renowned for having the best beaches in Florida.
  • How the beaches in Navarre offer tranquility and privacy.
  • The wide range of outdoor activities available at Navarre Beach.
  • Why Navarre Beach is considered family-friendly.
  • The ease of getting to Navarre Beach.

Why The Beaches In Navarre Are The Best Beaches In Florida:

The beaches of Navarre are unparalleled. While there are other spots on the Gulf Coast that boast pretty white sands and crystal clear turquoise waters, none can rival the unspoiled, non-commercialized beaches of Navarre Beach.

Part of this advantage is owed to the adjacent Gulf Islands National Seashore. The federally-owned land has prevented large-scale development seen in other nearby destinations like Pensacola Beach, Destin, and Panama City Beach. Other lands neighboring Navarre Beach are owned by the county and the Department of Defense, keeping the area small and helping it to maintain its local charm. This protection has also helped keep the beaches clean and free from the disturbances of highly trafficked commercial areas.

The sandbars at Navarre Beach add to the beauty of the shore while also keeping the waves calm and creating a separation between beachgoers and much of the marine life. Unlike other beaches in the country, you can see straight to the bottom of the ocean floor at Navarre Beach, which is appealing for anyone feeling a little trepidation about the water.

*What is a sandbar? Sandbars are shallow areas of the ocean floor that run parallel to the shoreline and provide a safer place to swim, snorkel, and search for seashells.

How The Beaches In Navarre Are More Peaceful And Private

The neighboring state and federal parks help keep the crowds at bay in Navarre Beach. While you’ll still find plenty of vacationers, Navarre Beach maintains a laid-back atmosphere with uncrowded shores and less hustle and bustle.

Navarre Beach benefits from the diligent efforts of county, state, and federal officials who prioritize wildlife protection and the preservation of the natural environment. As a result, your vacation experience becomes even more relaxing, allowing you to truly unwind and rejuvenate.

Navarre Beach is also less known than many of the most popular Florida beach vacation destinations, making it the perfect hidden gem for your next getaway.

The Outdoor Activities Available At Navarre Beach

The variety of outdoor activities to do at Navarre Beach is another reason it’s a must for your vacation wishlist.

Traditional water activities like jet skiing, boating and sailing are popular at Navarre Beach with many options to rent if you can’t bring your own. The same can be said for kayaks and paddleboards, which are perfect vehicles for the calm waters and sandbars at Navarre Beach. 

There are four artificial reefs teeming with marine wildlife and ecosystems that are perfect for snorkeling or scuba diving adventures.

You’ll also find plenty of people biking, golf carting and otherwise enjoying the warm Florida weather year round. Beach volleyball and pickleball are popular sports in Navarre Beach. On any given day you’ll find families and friends playing Bocce Ball, slamball or tossing a football or frisbee–made possible on the uncrowded beaches in Navarre.

Of course, fishing is big among the locals who frequent the Navarre Beach Fishing Pier and shorelines in search of a good catch. The soundside, rivers and bays near Navarre Beach are also popular fishing spots.

Why Navarre Beach Is Considered Family-Friendly

The lack of commercialism and consumerism in Navarre makes it a great place for families who are looking to get away and make memories. There are no nearby nightclubs or specific adult-minded entertainment spots which means Navarre Beach tends to draw a more family-friendly crowd. There are also many family-friendly activities like the Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center and the Gulf Breeze Zoo that make it an ideal destination for families.

The Ease Of Getting To Navarre Beach

Getting to Navarre Beach is not complicated. It is conveniently located in Northwest Florida, making it an easy day’s-drive from nearby states. With its close proximity to Interstate-10, it’s accessible for those coming by car or camper. Navarre Beach is right in the middle of the Pensacola International Airport and the Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport. Driving distance from both airports to Navarre Beach is around 45 minutes.

Another advantage of Navarre Beach is how accessible the beach actually is with many large parking lots with beachfront accesses, restrooms, pavilions and showers. Many other beaches are forced to prioritize land and access for hotels. Since Navarre Beach is primarily on government owned and protected land, the access points to the beach are prioritized instead. At other beaches you might struggle to find a public beach access. At Navarre Beach, you’ll find them almost every half mile.

Navarre Beach should absolutely be your next beach getaway since its laid-back, uncrowded beaches are unparalleled. The fun outdoor activities, family-friendliness and ease of access are all great advantages you’ll love that are hard to find at other beaches.

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