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Top Tips for a Perfect Beach Vacation in Navarre Beach

Top Tips for a Perfect Beach Vacation in Navarre Beach

Navarre Beach is the perfect vacation location if you’re like beautiful turquoise, see-through waters, relaxation and soaking up sunshine. This article will help you make the most of your trip by providing you with some insider tips for the perfect beach vacation. In this article we’ll cover:

  • Packing Essentials For A Beach Vacation
  • Staying Safe In The Sun While On A Beach Vacation
  • Safety Tips For Beachgoers

Packing Essentials For A Beach Vacation

You’ll see every shape and size of swimwear at Navarre Beach. Your best bet is to pick a suit that you feel comfortable and confident in that also matches your goals for the beach. For example, if your main goal is to work on your tan, you’ll want a suit that gives you minimal tan lines.

On the contrary, if you’re coming on a vacation with your kids, you want to make sure that your suit allows for the bending, lunging and chasing around that your parental life will be sure to bring.

Also, check your suit for the SPF number. You’ll find many children at Navarre Beach wearing long-sleeved SPF tops or one pieces to protect their young skin.

Consider a hat of some sort in order to protect your head, ears and nose. The nose often takes the brunt of sunburn accidents, so be sure to lather on extra sunscreen on your schnoz.

When it comes to sunscreen, many beachgoers prefer spray-on because it is easier to apply. There are many options when it comes to spray-on sunscreen at the local stores. You’ll find the lifeguards using a more mineral-based sunscreen that has zinc as its primary ingredient which some people consider better since the ingredients are natural and it is more gentle on your skin.

You’ll also want to have sunglasses at the beach. While all beaches require sunglasses, Navarre Beach is especially bright due to the sugary-white sand that reflects sunlight. When you choose a pair, be sure they also offer UV protection.

Beach towels, blankets, chairs, tents and umbrellas are all nice to have for your beach visit. One of the most popular options for shade on Navarre Beach lately is the Shibumi since it looks neat and packs into a small over-the-shoulder bag.

Flip flops are the shoe of choice at Navarre Beach along with Crocs and Birkenstocks. While you’ll see the occasional water shoe at Navarre Beach, most choose to go free-footed into the crystal clear waters since they are free from debris on the ocean floor and you can see exactly where you’re stepping.

Other popular items people bring to the beach are waterproof phone cases (or a Ziplock bag if you’re in a pinch), bluetooth speakers, snacks, footballs, frisbees and kites.

Staying Safe In The Sun While On A Beach Vacation

The most important tip to stay safe at Navarre Beach is sun safety. Your vacation does not need to be ruined by a sunburn! In order to prevent sunburns or sun poisoning, you can take a few precautions.

First, choose sunscreen that is based on your needs. How much sun you’ve had, how your skin reacts to sun and how long you will be at the beach at any given time will all affect that choice.

Also, don’t be shy when applying sunscreen. Better thick application and no sunburn than thin application and being woken up in the middle of the night on vacation because your sunburn hurts every time you move.

Don’t miss these top spots people miss when applying sunscreen:

  • Scalp: If you have hair or a receding hairline, the scalp can be easily missed. As we mentioned before, wearing a hat can definitely make this more simple.
  • Ears: The tops, backs, and even the earlobes can be easily neglected while applying sunscreen. Your ears deserve better!
  • Neck: There is a sweet spot for the sun that comes after what your hat protects but before what your suit protects. So, be sure you don’t overlook your neck line, front and back, when applying.
  • Feet: Yes, people get their feet sunburned. It happens. Even if you’re wearing shoes, you’ll probably need sunscreen. Plus, it’ll help you avoid the weird sandal strap tan line you’ll get otherwise.
  • Back of the knees: The top of the knees are front stage to the sun when you’re sitting, so don’t forget them. And because the back of the knee can get little sun, if you’re tanning you might ensure extra protection for that area.

One of the best ways to help regulate the amount of sun you get is to take advantage of shade with a big umbrella or tent. Be careful with small umbrellas because parts of your body might be exposed unevenly and you may not even notice!

While you’re out in the sun, be sure you drink plenty of water. Pack it in the cooler before you go!

One of the best tips to avoid overdosing on the sun or heat exhaustion is to go to the beach early in the morning or toward the late afternoon and evening. Leave the middle of the day when the sun is at its most intense for indoor activities, shopping, lunch dates and taking naps. Consider a schedule of beach time before 11am and after 2pm.

Safety Tips and Guidelines for Beachgoers

Navarre Beach has a terrific safety flag system to help you stay safe in the water. Signs are posted at every entrance to help you remember:

  • Double Red Flags mean water is closed to the public
  • Red Flag is a high hazard and high surf and/or strong currents are present
  • Yellow Flag is a medium hazard and moderate surf and/or currents are present
  • Green Flag is a low hazard means the conditions are calm and you should exercise caution
  • Purple Flag means there is dangerous marine life present such as jellyfish

Rip currents are powerful currents of water that move away from the shore. Signage about rip currents is also posted all over Navarre Beach to educate you on what they are and give you a visual representation so you can watch out for them yourself.

Additionally, lifeguards are stationed at five different towers to watch over your fun beach time. They recommend you always swim near a lifeguard tower and also never swim alone for the highest beach safety.

Other guidelines to keep in mind for Navarre Beach is that no fires, dogs or glass containers are allowed. You’ll notice special lighting in the evening at Navarre Beach which is put into place to help our beloved sea turtle population who love to nest on Navarre Beach. Nearby on Navarre Bridge, you might see areas roped off to help the Black Skimmers that love to nest there. The sand dunes are a beautiful backdrop at the beach, but they are also protected and off limits since they are fragile.

Navarre Beach is the ultimate paradise for beach lovers seeking stunning blue-green waters, relaxation, and an abundance of sunshine. Use these tips to ensure your beach vacation is nothing short of perfection. Make sure you’ve got everything we mentioned on your packing list, that you and the sun stay on a close-but-not-too-close relationship and be sure to avoid the guidelines we have here that keep Navarre Beach awesome!

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