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The Most Relaxing Things to Do in Navarre Beach

The Most Relaxing Things to Do in Navarre Beach

There is perhaps nothing more relaxing than sitting and watching the waves come and go at Navarre Beach. The beautiful landscape, the lull of the Gulf of Mexico’s gentle waters, and the lack of commercial and industrial disturbance make Navarre Beach a very relaxing place.

But what else can you do to relax in Navarre Beach? What other activities can you do to unwind and foster wellness? In this article, we’ll give you a few ideas to change it up while maintaining that laid-back experience Navarre is known for.

Take a walk

You can only sit and watch the waves for so many hours. One way to shake it up is to take a walk along the water’s edge. Consider listening to an audiobook or simply searching for seashells.

If you want a different view, you can head over to the Navarre Beach Multi-Use Path, which runs parallel to Gulf Blvd.

Take a ride on the prettiest scenic route in the country

While we’re on the topic of the Multi-Use Path, consider renting a bike, golf cart, or moped and traversing the path that leads into the Gulf Islands National Seashore. Stretching 25 miles, the path takes you right through protected, unspoiled sands and dunes. On one side, you’ll see gorgeous views of the Gulf of Mexico, while the other side’s view is laced with dune grass leading to the Santa Rosa Sound. There are also parking lots and beachfronts to stop by along the way.

Cuddle up with the sun & a good book

If you get tired from all of that walking and bike riding, it’s time to rest with a good book on the white, sugary sands. Grab some sun protection and that book you’ve been meaning to read for months. Time passes very slowly with this particular activity, and you’ll find yourself very relaxed and refreshed.

Set an alarm for the sun

Watching the sun come up over the ocean can only be rivaled by watching it go down over those same waters. You’ll have to decide which is better, but you should definitely give both a shot.

Check your weather app for the official sunrise or sunset time and be sure to be out at the beach to watch the beautiful display. Depending on the time of year, you’ll either set up shop near the Gulf of Mexico side or near the Santa Rosa Sound side.

Yoga on the beach

Do you know any yoga moves? Why not give them a try at the beach? There’s nothing more centering than the feeling of being one small human being next to the large, vast ocean.

Just in case you don’t keep yoga poses stored in your memory, there are many yoga studios in Navarre. Many of them offer classes at the beach, and all of them have a variety of class schedules that should make attending a class at a location fit your schedule. Attending class in the studio can also give you something very relaxing to do while you take a break from the sun and sand.

Out of the sand and into the water

You can buy or rent any number of water toys near Navarre Beach. One of the most relaxing things to do at Navarre Beach is kayaking or paddleboarding. If you’re a beginner, it might be best to start in the Santa Rosa Sound as the water is typically a little calmer. It’s also fun to explore, and there is more to see. However, big waves are rare at Navarre Beach, so you can feel confident in hopping in the water.

Pop into a spa

When you think of relaxing, you might conjure an image of a spa with someone getting a massage with cucumbers covering their eyes. Good news! Navarre Beach has numerous spas and salons that can give you another option to relax and unwind while also giving your skin a break from the sun.

You’re on vacation, so feel free to pamper yourself at one of our local spas or wellness centers with a massage, facial, or any of the other rejuvenating treatments they offer.

Be entertained by the marine life

Who wouldn’t agree that watching dolphins swim and play is relaxing? You can book a dolphin-watching tour in Navarre Beach to increase your odds of seeing the playful animals. There are more wildlife sights to see at Navarre Beach, however. Look carefully, and you might see a school of fish, a manta ray, or even a sea turtle. You’ll have even better luck if you swim or kayak out to any of the four man-made reefs placed in the ocean and sound.

The birds are fun to watch at Navarre Beach. You’ll mostly find pelicans, herons, egrets, sandpipers, and seagulls. Watching the pelicans dive-bomb into the ocean can be quite entertaining. The sandpiper’s endless pursuit for a tasty morsel right along the water’s edge will take your mind off any worries or troubles you’ve got.

Navarre Beach is also known for its dolphin population. You can find them swimming in the Gulf of Mexico or in the Santa Rosa Sound. While they are often seen in the early morning and late afternoon (think right after sunrise or right around sunset), you can easily luck out and see them any time of day. Just look for fins, splashes, or even seabirds congregating. And remember, dolphins often swim in pods, so where there is one, there may be more!

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