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The Most Instagrammable Spots in Navarre Beach

The Most Instagrammable Spots in Navarre Beach

The photos at Navarre Beach on Instagram will make you want to visit our beautiful slice of vacation bliss as soon as possible. Whether you’re considering a visit or you’re already here, this guide will help you capture the moments and memories at Navarre Beach perfectly.

Some of the top spots in Navarre Beach to get a photo that’s Instragram-ready are:

  • The beach
  • Navarre Beach Marine Sanctuary
  • Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center
  • Navarre Pier
  • Juana’s Pagodas
  • Navarre Bridge
  • Navarre Park

Navarre Beach, duh

The top spot for instagrammable photos in Navarre is the beach. It’s no shocker since the emerald green waters and white sand make the perfect backdrop for almost any photo. Most of those photos feature people smiling in bathing suits. Getting honorable mention are the photos of the pelicans, great blue herons and sandpipers. Other popular photo targets are the lifeguards, their training antics and rescue readiness.

But what are the other instagrammable spots?

The Reef at Navarre Beach State Park

Photos of snorkels, scuba gear, sea turtles and jellyfishes are what you’ll find at the Navarre Beach Marine Sanctuary in the Gulf of Mexico. There are actually four different man-made reefs to visit at Navarre Beach, but the one in the emerald waters is the most popular.

You can see the wildlife and their homes with a snorkel or by scuba diving. You can even take a glass bottom kayak tour to get your close up.

To get to the reef, head to Navarre Beach Park and seek out the furthest southeast parking area, situated with the Sea Oat Pavillion. From there, you can follow the boardwalk out and head east just about 100 feet. You’ll see four large PVC posts that line up with the reef in the ocean. As you look out from the pipes to the ocean, you’ll see buoys indicating the location of the reefs.

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Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center

You’ll find photos and videos of live sea turtles galore if you look at this top instagrammable spot. The large pool where rescued sea turtles swim is the center attraction at the Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center.

The bigger than life-size mural outside is also a favorite photo opportunity along with the photo cutout board where you and another can be jellyfish! And, if you’re really into jellyfish you can take a photo with the large and slightly-obnoxious jellyfish hat.

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Navarre Beach Pier

The longest fishing pier in the Gulf of Mexico gets its fair share of Instagram love. The structural contrast of the soft sand and green water to the 30 foot high symmetrical concrete piles make for a striking photo when taken underneath the pier.

Others choose to capture the breathtaking view of the crystal clear waters from atop the pier. Other popular pier photos are of the sunset, night skyline and the birds of the pier. Many photos at the Navarre Beach Fishing Pier are taken from afar, showcasing the 1545-foot structure juxtaposed to the water.

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Ski & Sail at Juana’s & Sailors Grill

The sunset at Juana’s is breathtaking and you’ll find extensive photographic evidence of that fact on Instagram.

You’ll also be able to get photos with sailboats and volleyball players at Juana’s as it neighbors a local boat launch and hosts volleyball leagues and tournaments each week. The kayak, jet ski and paddle board rentals also provide a way to have fun and post proof on Instagram.

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Navarre Bridge

You never know what you’ll see as you walk or drive over the bridge to Navarre Bridge. From kite surfers, to nesting black skimmers to sailboats and sunsets, there’s always something to see.

The water expanding in all directions makes for pretty terrific photo opportunities with big skies. Everyday you’ll find runners and fishermen all along the bridge. Every evening in the summer you’ll find folks camped out and tailgating to watch the sunset over the water.

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Navarre Park

The newly revamped Navarre Park sits right on the water near the bridge to the Gulf of Mexico. The splash pad, swings, playgrounds and walking paths make it a great place for families to take photos together and of their kids looking adorable.

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Tommy’s Snoballs

After a trip to the beach, a trip to Tommy’s is almost mandatory for locals. The colorful fences, tables, benches and snowcones all make for fun photos.

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The Slippery Mermaid

While all of the restaurants in Navarre earn top praise on Instagram, the beauty of the sushi rolls and the large-print slogan “Let’s Roll A Fat One” make Slippery Mermaid a top photo stop in Navarre Beach.

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So, where will you make your mark in Navarre on Instagram?

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